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Aspen Award

The annual Aspen Awards for Bioprocessing recognize the solutions; hardware, software, consumable products and services alike, that are making a significant contribution to the advancement of upstream and/or downstream bioprocessing. They are voted upon by our global community of end user biotechnology professionals, and awarded based solely on the most end user votes received.

There are two categories of Aspen Awards, Upstream and Downstream;

  • Aspen Award for the Advancement of Upstream Bioprocessing
  • Aspen Award for the Advancement of Downstream Bioprocessing

The Aspen Awards are open to ALL providers of solutions; hardware, software, consumable products and services alike, whose application is in either upstream or downstream bioprocessing (i.e. Biologics). Those products and/or services whose significant contribution is to the advancement of pharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis, and the like are ineligible.

Each recipient of the annual Aspen Awards receives the following;

  • Sponsorship of the Aspen Alert Online
  • Presence in the Aspen Xchange
  • Aspen Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Commemorative Keepsake
  • Right to Use Receipt of the Aspen Award in Their Marketing Materials

The recipients of the annual Aspen Awards are notified in January, and made public that same month by an announcement in the Email and Online editions of the Aspen Alert.

Aspen Award nominees are judged on the significance of the contribution they have made to advancing either an upstream or downstream bioprocessing (i.e. Biologics) application. To qualify the significance of the contribution, Aspen Award voters are asked to consider one or more of the following; Improved Process Performance, Increased Product Quality, Reduced Operating Costs. No consideration is given to a nominee’s contribution outside of bioprocessing, such as to pharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis and the like.

Members of the global bioprocessing community; end users, suppliers, and others alike, may submit one or more Aspen Award nominations. Provided the product or service being nominated meets the requirements for eligibility. To nominate a product or service simply complete and submit an Aspen Award Nomination form. The nomination period for the Aspen Award begins in January and closes in October.

The first step in the voting process is to qualify the Aspen Awards nominees. This is accomplished by inviting members of our global community of end user biotechnology professionals to vote on nominees in a bracketed approach, based on application (Upstream, Downstream). The top Three (3) vote recipients in Upstream applications, and top Three (3) vote recipients in Downstream applications, advance to the final voting.

For the final vote, members of our global community of end user biotechnology professionals are invited to vote on the Three (3) finalists representing their respective applications. The recipient of the most end user votes in their application is declared the winner.

Voting for the Aspen Awards occurs throughout the months of November and December, with the winner being announced in January.

To ensure accuracy and transparency, both the qualifying and final votes for the Aspen Awards are conducted online utilizing an unbiased third-party solution. Additionally, the term “end user” is defined for our purposes as individuals whose employment, whether commercial or academic, is not provided by a manufacturer or supplier of nominated products and/or services. Therein, as a matter of practice the votes of those who cannot be qualified as “end users” per this definition will not be eligible for consideration.