Aspen Award

The annual Aspen Awards recognize the innovative solutions; hardware, software and consumable products alike, that have made the greatest contribution to bioprocessing in a given year. They are voted upon by our global community of end user biotechnology professionals, and awarded based solely on the most end user votes received.

There are two categories of Aspen Awards, Upstream and Downstream;

  • Aspen Award for Innovation in Upstream Bioprocessing
  • Aspen Award for Innovation in Downstream Bioprocessing

The Aspen Awards are open to ALL manufacturers of bioprocessing solutions; hardware, software and consumable products alike, whose application is in Upstream or Downstream bioprocessing. Additionally, products must be available commercially on or before the last day of October of the award year to be eligible.

The winners of the annual Aspen Awards are first announced in the Aspen Alert and on the Aspen Xchange. Each winner receives a complimentary Aspen Xchange Sponsorship, Two (2) Aspen E-Mail Marketing Campaigns (EMCs), a commemorative keepsake, and the rights to use the receipt of the award in their marketing materials for a period of up to Eighteen (18) months.

Aspen Award nominees are judged on the degree to which they have made a contribution to Upstream or Downstream bioprocessing in an award year. The greater the scope of benefit afforded by a nominated product, then the greater the consideration. No consideration is given to the number of products sold or the value of said sales.

Any member of the global bioprocessing community may submit a nomination for the Aspen Award, provided the product meets the requirements for eligibility. To nominate a product simply complete and submit an Aspen Award Nomination form. Those products which receive Three (3) or more individual end user organization nominations in their respective category will be included in the Aspen Award voting.

Aspen Award nominees are voted upon online throughout the month of November.

Online voting is administered by an unbiased third party to ensure accuracy and transparency.



To nominate a product for this year’s Aspen Award, please complete the Aspen Award Nomination form below and submit it prior to October 27, 2017. Forms received after this date will not be eligible for consideration.

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Please contact us with any questions regarding the Aspen Award. Thank You!