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EMC links to your URL...

EMC links to your URL...


Aspen E-Mail Marketing utilizes industry leading software, exclusive access to the Tens of Thousands Aspen Alert subscribers, seamless tie-ins to social media and features of the daily Alert to deliver a level of visibility to the bioprocessing industry unavailable elsewhere. 

However, unlike older marketing approaches such as print media, we do not ask that you take our word for it. Upon completion of a campaign we provide our clients with two reports; one is a report on Leads Generated that includes the Company Name, Contact Name, Title, E-Mail, Location and Links Visited. The other is a report on Performance Metrics specific to the campaign and includes details such as Sends, Opens and Visits.

Each E-Mail Marketing Campaign Includes:

  • Limitation of Just One Campaign a Day
  • Exclusive Access to the Tens of Thousands Bioprocessing Professionals Subscribing to the Aspen Alert
  • Seamless Tin-Ins to Social Media 
  • Access to the News and Event Features of the Daily Aspen Alert
  • Detailed Reports on Both Leads Generated and Performance Metrics for Each Campaign

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Aspen Surveys

Aspen Surveys, introduced in 2009, have been specifically designed to successfully identify, qualify and quantify the opportunities available in targeted segments of the global bioprocess industry for suppliers of hardware, software and services. The segments of the industry targeted by these surveys are as follows: 

  • Year Ahead
  • Cell Culture and Fermentation
  • Single-Use
  • Filtration
  • Measurement and Control
  • Purification

To deliver on their stated purpose each Aspen Survey invites the participation of End Users and Academics alike whose professional experience is relevant to the subject matter of the survey being conducted. This includes participant invites to representatives from the C-Suite, Process Suite and Operations Suite of large and small bioprocessing organizations alike so as to ensure a balanced representation of both the Science and Business of bioprocessing. Each Aspen Survey includes;

  • Survey Results w/ History
  • Participant Responses w/ Comments
  • Written Analysis of Each Survey Question
  • Enterprise Licensing

Aspen Surveys are available for purchase either Individually or as an Annual Package.

Aspen LEADs

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