Be Heard.
Aspen Brook has shaped the sales, marketing, business and product development efforts of biotechnology focused organizations around the world since 2007. This has been accomplished by providing industry leading platforms such as the Aspen Alert, Aspen Surveys and most recently the Aspen Exchange, through which the biotechnology community of end users and suppliers alike have a voice.

Be Informed. 
The Aspen Alert, published daily since 2008, informs a global readership of 50,000+ biotechnology professionals on the pertinent industry news and information of the day. These professionals represent the business and science of biotechnology at large and small organizations alike. Consuming the complimentary Alert either as a daily e-newsletter delivered directly to their email in-box or online.

Be Connected.
The Aspen Xchange, debuting in 2017, will connect the global community of biotechnology professionals. Serving to enable the seamless sharing of information on the products and services available today. While at the same time acting as both a showcase and celebration of the innovation that will define biotechnology well into the future. 



aspen brook Mission

We are your voice when you strain to be heard.

Your eyes and ears when you strive to be informed.

Your heart and mind when you aspire to be connected.


We are You, the Biotechnology Community.


Aspen Brook and the Butterfly Effect

If a single strand of content can inspire a spirited discussion
which ultimately sets into motion a solution, a cure, 
that alters the course of our community,
and thereby changes the world for the better –

We want to be the catalyst that empowers the connections
that launch the revolution.

The Biotechnology Community, Connected. Every Day.